Design and Metaverse:
the new way of communicate in the B2B world.

We create innovative projects capable of combining
physical and virtual space.

Beyond the ordinary.

What we offer point by point.

Digital Storytelling

A key asset in corporate marketing and communication strategy, it allows us to portray the client brand in an original way. Our team follows the creative process every step of the way: from the brief to the shooting till the post-production.

Extended Reality​

Through 360-degree panoramic filming, we reproduce real spaces and environments in which to have evocative experiences.

Marketing Strategies​

We develop strategies aimed at engaging the target audience, actively involving them and making them an integral part of the revolutionary process of this era of change.


We shape caring spaces in which detail becomes image. We design and organize events that can tell the soul of stories and projects and open up new paths. We design and set up exhibitions and shows in which art speaks its different languages. We welcome dreams and values, we build bridges between today and tomorrow.

Brand Communication​

We believe it is necessary to consider different approaches in visual communication aiming at the breaking of moulds and the integrated investigation of the various fields of communication. For us, there is more than just the brand.

Live Streaming​

Our team of production specialists realizes both live and ondemand events using 2/3D virtual sets, created at the client's site or in equipped TV studios.